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  • Cold & Flu Serum
    Cold & Flu Serum
    Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune boosting, mucolytic and expectorant. This serum is amazing at preventing sickness! Use in airplanes or around people carrying a bug to stay perfectly healthy.The Cold and Flu Serum will...

  • Face Serum
    Face Serum
    Complete rejuvenation for mature complexions.Face Serum is a remarkable anti-aging and skin beautifying moisturizer. Once used, it is hard to live without!This blend is a potent composition of the most important essential...

  • Fly Away
    Fly Away
    Natural, Effective Mosquito Repellent! Fly Away is a natural mosquito repellent that actually works! The essential oils contained in this product have been proven to work even better than DEET and it comes in an easy roll...

  • Muscle and Joint Serum
    Muscle and Joint Serum
    Anti-inflammatory, Pain Relieving, Muscle Relaxing and Tissue Healing. The Muscle and Joint Serum is so helpful when you can't get to your massage therapist! It brings healing blood flow to the area and decreases pain &...

  • Skin Serum
    Skin Serum
    Soothes and helps heal bites, burns, rashes, sores, dry eczema, and chapped, cracked or infected skin. The Skin Serum is an amazing blend of the most healing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing skin care oils...

  • Sleep Serum
    Sleep Serum
    Highly sedating for a deep and restful sleep! The Sleep Serum is composed of Valerian, a nervous system tranquilizer and the blueprint for Valium, Lavendin Super, a relaxant that is more sedating than true Lavender,...