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About Us

My name is Sarah Charles, thanks for shopping at Home Spa Cafe!

I was a classical ballet dancer most of my life, attending an arts high school and graduating college with a Bachelor of Arts in dance. I would receive massage for injured muscles and I loved studying kinesiology in school, this all led me to pursue a massage therapy career.

I've been a Massage Therapist since 2001. Working at an upscale spa/resort for 5 years prepared me for starting my own practice in 2006. I enjoy doing serious bodywork in a feel-good beautiful spa atmosphere; but I have learned that giving the body the right tools to heal itself is a large part of the work. This is where aromatherapy comes in! Studying the science of aromatherapy for many years has resulted in my becoming a certified clinical aromatherapy practitioner. I can find no better system to help your body heal physically and emotionally. Essential oils are completely natural, mainly distilled from aromatic flowers and plants. Their chemistry is so complex and concentrated, the oils seem to be the vital essence of the plant and are certainly crucial to its survival. We can use these natural medicines for our own survival and betterment. Essential oils truly make my massages more effective. The oils can sedate the nervous system so that the muscles can relax while improving circulation and lymph drainage. I began making aromatherapy spa products to give my clients, who often suffered from chronic stress or pain, some real relief between massages. My hope is to combine the wonderful feel of luxury spa products with real medicinal aromatherapy that works and improves your life!

Home Spa is just that: spa products made in my home for yours. Each product is meticulously prepared to insure maximum therapeutic benefit of the precious oils. Every ingredient is specifically selected and is an active therapeutic ingredient. Here you have actually found something authentic!

I am the proud mother of two sweet kids who love massage and aromatherapy. My husband is a true support and, as an ER nurse, he's a great resource. With lots of family nearby, we live in a truly supportive community. I am thankful every day!